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A first-timer's Direct for the Canary Islands
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Dołączyła: 20 Lip 2017
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Skąd: Las Palmas
Wysłany: 2017-07-20, 16:30   A first-timer's Direct for the Canary Islands

There are the mythical Islands of Maspalomas in the south, the subtropical forests of the interior, rugged hills as well as in Las Palmas, the most beguiling of the island capitals using its buzzing nightlife and sandy beaches. Gran Canaria is a large hiking destination, too, using a community of well-marked trails and a walking festival. The island also produces decent wine along with also the exceptional Tropical lager perfect to finish a lengthy hike.
It's time to set aside those anachronisms concerning the Canary Islands and research these seven isles from the spirit of Christopher Columbus, who famously stopped the route to sailing off the map of the known universe in search of the New World. Even the Continent in Miniature tourist office epithet for this round island isalso, for once, no hyperbole; Gran Canaria offers more scenic diversity than any of the other islands.
Pre-conceptions are a funny matter. If someone told you in an archipelago of islands put adrift from the coast of Africa, an oasis that boasts superb beaches and perennial warmth, which will be home to the world's next biggest Carnival kanary, award-winning wines along with Spain's highest mountain, you'd probably need to see. If they revealed that they were actually talking about the Canary Isles, though, a number of your ideas might begin to cloud together with pictures of sunburned Brits, dodgy fried meals and all-things tacky.
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